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What are Adwords and PPC?

Google AdWords is a form of advertising that focuses on keywords that are searched for through Google’s search engine. Using keywords and Pay Per Click advertising, you can get your website, page or product featured first on Google getting you ahead of the competition.

Proper Google Adwords management of your campaigns with well thought-out strategies ensures your online advertising is a must have tool in your marketing arsenal. Let us help you create a campaign best suited to your needs to ensure you reach your target audience.

Impressions Vs Conversions

There is a difference between getting noticed and people clicking your ads to buy. With Google Ads, there are two very important metrics when dealing with how many people see your ads, and how many people are clicking to contact or buy.

An impression refers to someone searching for your product and seeing your ad on Google’s search results page. Whilst you don’t pay for an impression, the number of impressions you get through Google Ads is important. It helps with understanding the size of the market that’s searching for your product/service and if your keywords are effective.

Conversions are the bread and butter of Google Adwords. They can be set up to track things like form submissions, contact requests and more. Creating a contact conversion or soft lead like a click on the contact page is very useful when tracking what users do on your site.

Form submissions or hard leads can be a concrete tool when tracking your sales and lead generation. Conversions with Google Ads are crucial when understanding and managing your ad campaign and if it’s working for you. No two campaigns are the same, but every campaign can work if done correctly.

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google adwords Impressions Vs Conversions

Google Adwords Ranking

There are multiple elements that improve ranking, such as the quality of your website and website content. Ad copy is also an important element when dealing with PPC advertising and can heavily impact your ads performance.

Clear, concise language helps to improve your Google ranking and ensures that your ads are more likely to be found and clicked on. Conversions lead to more business.

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Google Ads Target Audience

Google Ads or PPC are perfect for targeting your ideal target market. Traditional advertising has a shotgun approach, not allowing an exact market to be targeted, even within niche reading materials. With Google Ads, you can target a distinct group of people using geographical information and demographics such as age, gender and interests.

Building and managing your Google Ads campaigns and strategies with your target market in mind can help drive active users to your website, with a higher likelihood they will convert generating quality conversions and growing your business.

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Google Ads Analytics

Through Google Analytics and other analytics platforms, tracking users, their activity and interests is easier than ever. When a user visits your site, it’s important to know how they found your website, what they did, and what interests the active users have in the greater market. With analytics we can track exactly what’s happening and how it affects our businesses.


Google AdWords is a form of advertising that uses search terms through Google’s search engine to show a web page first, or higher on the results page.

Google Analytics are important when tracking traffic to your website and are important for both organic search and paid advertising. Without Analytics, tracking your ad campaigns’ success is almost impossible.

Google Ads aren’t fixed in price and with every keyword, you have different markets and competitors. Basically, when advertising through Google, you only pay when someone clicks your ad, and with the price changing depending on the keywords you use, there is no fixed price.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it means you only pay when someone clicks your ad, and not when they see your ad. So you don’t waste money on displaying your advertisement.

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Have you ever seen an advert for a clothing store after doing some online shopping? With targeted advertising you can choose your ideal market and show them your ads whilst avoiding users who aren’t interested.

The time it takes to create a Google AdWords campaign varies based on what you’re looking for. Again, every campaign is different, and that can add extra time. The usual setup time takes anywhere from 3-5 days though based on a campaign with 4 ad groups.

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