4-Web Development Non-Negotiables

There are certain non-negotiables that any good web developer will include in their scope / process:

Mobile responsive web design

Every website we build is optimised to ensure it is responsive on all devices. This includes mobile devices as well as tablets. With correctly sized images and text, we aim to deliver high quality websites that perform well on all platforms.

Platforms like:

  • Phones (Android & IOS)
  • Tablets (Android & iPadOS)

The majority of users on the web are using mobile devices. It’s absolutely essential to have a mobile-friendly website in the current age. Online shopping sees most users on mobile devices. Let’s make your website mobile responsive today.

Website SEO

All of our websites are built using SEO best practices with the addition of an XML sitemap to ensure your website can be easily indexed by Google. Whilst SEO is a marathon rather than a sprint, we make sure that your website is built using these fundamental principles to get ahead of your competition.

Some Key Aspects of SEO:

  • Keyword Relevance
  • Website User Experience
  • Back Links (Referral Links)
  • Google Integration
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Website Content Publishing
  • Content Update Frequency
  • Technical Crawlability

Contact us today for all of your SEO needs.

Social media integration

We will integrate your social media accounts with your website in order to help you engage with your audience, improve your followership and generate more traffic by making your social platforms accessible to your target audience and customers via your website.

Integrated Social Media Platforms like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Analytics Set up and Integration

A good website is also a conversion funnel with touchpoints that progress buyers on a digital journey to engagement or transaction.

If your website is to be effective in this regard, you must track visitor behaviour. Any web developer worth their salt would be remis neglecting this step.

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